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(0 Reviews) May 20, 2024
Brawl King - Roguelike RPG Brawl King - Roguelike RPG Brawl King - Roguelike RPG Brawl King - Roguelike RPG Brawl King - Roguelike RPG Brawl King - Roguelike RPG

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May 20, 2024
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More About Brawl King - Roguelike RPG

Greetings, warrior! Welcome to Valhalla, a Viking fantasy roguelike action slasher game with RPG elements! You'll find everything you desire here: endless battles, powerful weapons, piles of gold and raucous feasts.
In Brawl King you'll experience thrilling battles, magical abilities and mountains of loot. Take on the challenge of surviving 5 islands while facing off against powerful enemies, opening chests and collecting coins. As you progress to the main boss of each island, you will gain new weapons, skills and upgrades in your quest to become the Brawl King!

Our host has prepared some trials for your enjoyment, with deadly dungeons, hordes of enemies, magical abilities and mountains of loot! Happy hunting!
You will have 5 islands at your disposal in order to reach the main boss on each of the islands! Exciting adventures await you along the way! You need to open the island one by one to get to know the whole world of Brawl King

And do not fear death – you will always be reborn in Valhalla. Now sharpen your axe and head into battle! To the glory of Odin and Brawl King!

So sharpen your blades and get ready to brawl! You’ll need skill and strategy if you hope to succeed in Brawl King. Collect magical abilities, upgrade your weapons and battle hordes of monsters as you progress through each island. Explore dungeons for rare loot and take on epic bosses to prove your worth. With fast-paced combat, intense boss battles and plenty of rewards, this game is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Enjoy intense battles with friends, wizards, monsters, goblins and more. Compete with score hero, Hero Wars and Line Game to show off your fighting skills. Collect coins like master, royal match and clash of heros for extra rewards. Rise Up, will hero to craft powerful weapons and armor.

Whether you’re a novice fighter or a battle hardened veteran, there’s something for everyone at Brawl King! So gather your strength and courage and join the fight - the rewards will be worth it in Valhalla!
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