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2.3.1 by VNL Entertainment Ltd
(0 Reviews) May 21, 2024
Derp World Derp World Derp World Derp World

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May 21, 2024
VNL Entertainment Ltd
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More About Derp World

Would you like to help us create a super derpy, goofy, and fun game, uniquely shaped by the players' collective imagination and input? If your answer is "YES!" then go ahead and Download this game and join our community!
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Persistent Multiplayer (PvEvP) Survival Organic Playground with World Building.

A Derpy Persistent metaverse which is organic in the sense that the NPCs(Humanoids, animals, and plants) all have their own lives and purpose. The world is a sandbox for all players to live in together. Add into the mix some survival, action, violence, and laughter!

Base Game Vision:

So, here's what I envision: imagine you're a player logging into a world that offers endless possibilities. In this virtual realm, you encounter wildlife, both cute and scary creatures, humanoids, and other real-life players. The unique aspect lies in the players' ability to shape the world through a building and crafting system. Every object is designed to be more than just a prop but a tangible item, much like in real life. Players have the freedom to place objects wherever they desire, allowing them to interact with the environment by wrecking, blowing up, throwing, and using items...Having fun like kids in a playground!

Player-Driven Development:

OK. A cool multiplayer sandbox is great but what fun is a sandbox without toys and gadgets and whatever else you can imagine that's cool? Derp World will be player-feedback-centric. If you enjoy the concept we sincerely invite you to join our discord when you can chat with the community, discuss with our GMs, and submit new features, ideas, even art work to our forums. Our GMs will sort through your posts and communicate them with our developers to help shape the game!

Game World:
The game itself starts off as a plain landscape. The developers will not control how the world look, because the it will be shaped by the collaborative efforts between players and the game admins.

Survival Game Loop:

The gameplay follows a survival loop where players don't level up infinitely. Upon death, players essentially start over, losing items and a level (e.g., max level is 10, required for certain crafts or actions). Each death results in a level reduction, encouraging players to avoid excessive deaths. However, the quick leveling system ensures that getting back into the game is swift. Importantly, the world remains persistent; a player's house, for instance, remains unless destroyed by others.

Social Interaction and Combat:

The game balances social interaction and combat. It introduces PvE regions for players uninterested in PvP, providing a space free from player interference. Conversely, there are other regions where anything goes, but the risk is rewarded with better loot. This creates a dynamic gaming experience, offering options for various playstyles.

Game Progression:

In contrast to traditional games with a constant upward progression, this game employs a shorter loop cycle. While Derp World levels up faster, the trade-off is the potential loss of items. The game encourages a strategic approach to progression, offering both challenges and rewards.

That's just the base game that I am describing! Please remember, this is a community driven game so it is the players feedback that ultimately evolves the game every update! Wanna start this journey with us? Download to join!

Discord: Join our community

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