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1.1.7 by Dark Dome
(0 Reviews) May 22, 2024
Nowhere House Nowhere House Nowhere House Nowhere House Nowhere House Nowhere House

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May 22, 2024
Dark Dome
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More About Nowhere House

Long ago a witch lived in Hidden Town. The villagers feared for their lives, so they captured her. But on the day of her conviction, she mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again. The house where she lived remains at the top of the hill nowadays. The urban legend tells if you walk into his house, you can be trapped forever. Would you dare to investigate if it is true?
Nowhere House is the third chapter in the Hidden Town escape room games series. You will have to interact between three parallel worlds and seek help from the characters trapped in the house. Only with their help you will be able to escape the room.

You can play the Dark Dome escape room games in any order, you will always be able to find the connections between each one until you discover all the mysteries surrounding Hidden Town. This horror escape mystery game has connections to Haunted Laia and The Ghost Case

- What you will find in this suspense thriller game:

Lots of riddles and puzzles to solve and lots of brain teasers scattered throughout the three dimensions of this house full of rooms.

A magical and exciting escape puzze adventure full of suspense with great characters that will captivate you.

A great graphic style and an immersive soundtrack that will make your haunted house gaming experience unforgettable.

Two different endings that will depend on the decisions you make at the right time.

An alternate achievement: Find all 9 owls hidden throughout the entire game. Look for them everywhere, they can be where you least imagine.

A very complete hint system. It will be very useful to help you solve the puzzles if you feel stuck in the horror mystery game.

- Premium version:
By purchasing the Premium Version of this horror escape mystery game you will be able to play an exclusive secret scene that is a side story of Hidden Town with additional puzzles and riddles. It will also remove all ads from the suspense thriller game, so you will be able to access all hints directly without seeing ads.

- How to play this detective story game:
Like in a classic point and click horror mystery game, interact with objects and characters in the environment by touching them. Find hidden objects, use the inventory items on game objects or combine them to create a new item to help you continue on the adventure. Put your wits to the test and solve the puzzles and riddles.

Journey into the Depths of Fear with Suspense Thriller Gameplay

Get ready for heart-stopping thrills and pulse-pounding suspense as you navigate through the twisted corridors of the haunted house. With every step you take, the tension mounts, and the stakes grow higher. Can you keep your cool and escape the clutches of the unknown?

“Immerse yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome horror escape games and reveal all its secrets. There are still many mysteries to be unraveled in Hidden Town."

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