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(0 Reviews) April 24, 2024
Second Phone Number - 2Number Second Phone Number - 2Number Second Phone Number - 2Number Second Phone Number - 2Number

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April 24, 2024
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More About Second Phone Number - 2Number

Introducing 2Number: Your Unbeatable Second Phone Number Solution!
When it comes to our personal phone number, privacy takes the top spot! Get a second phone number effortlessly with 2Number, your go-to calling app—no physical SIM card needed! 📞 Say goodbye to the hassle of swapping SIM cards—2Number has got you covered.

Countless companies are on the hunt for your phone number! 😤 Protect your number and privacy, and use a second number for online transactions, discount card registration, and beyond!

Obtaining a second line for your personal needs is a smart choice to shield your private phone number from unknown contacts!

With our calling app, you can enjoy the advantages of a second line without the hassle of an extra SIM card.

An additional phone number can provide a clear separation between your private life and other commitments, while safeguarding your privacy and giving you peace of mind.

Need to post an ad to sell something or order a delivery? Now there’s no need to expose your private number to strangers! Get a second number with a few clicks and stop using it anytime if you don’t need it anymore. You can use your virtual number on any website without worrying about the security of your private one.

Interested in getting a reward card for a service or shop you often use but less interested in giving them your real number? With 2Number, you can get all the juicy discounts without having to trade in your phone number—just give them your second number, and they can spam all they want!

Get a second phone number for dating apps! You can easily text someone you met online and make calls from your second number without sharing your private number and worrying about your safety. With 2Number, you can easily change your second number or get rid of it altogether!

To top it off, you can also get a local number in different countries across the globe without the need to get a contract with a local provider! ✈️ Make calls and send texts from a 2nd number that will be local to a country of your choice right in the app.

Keep your international 2nd number for as long as you wish and easily add credits to your balance. Use our in-app currency to connect with the world and enjoy affordable rates for international calls and texts with your second number!

★2Number main features:

- Add a second number with just a few taps.
- Pick your number from a list of available telephone numbers.
- Create a second number for brief periods and discontinue its use whenever you like.
- Make calls using a second line, including internationally.
- Send SMS messages from your second number & view message history.
- Get a local telephone number in various countries.
- Easily synchronize your contacts with the app.

★Please Note★
Phone numbers of the following countries are available in the app: the USA, Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Belgium, and Poland.

★2Number Premium★
- One subscription includes one phone number. For each new number, you need to get a separate subscription. Please note that our app allows users to maintain a maximum of two phone numbers.
- 2Number offers a free trial for you to get to know the app.
- Subscriptions are billed automatically based on the chosen plan.

Protect yourself from spam and any unwanted messages or calls with a 2nd phone number. Your personal phone number is for trusted contacts; for everything else, there's 2Number! Try for free with a free trial, cancel anytime.

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